The digital collectibles consist of kawaii-inspired NFTs produced in collaboration with “Hamsta World” creator Saskia Keiser of Happy Ink.

“At ‘Hamsta World,’ you can be your true self because you are loved for who you are,” says Keiser. “In the brand’s spirit, the art collection aims to help squash bullying by donating a portion of funds generated from the sale of NFTs to anti-bullying non-profits. We believe ‘Hamsta World’ NFTs are an excellent vehicle to raise awareness to reduce and prevent bullying. There is a growing trend of NFT communities emerging to have a positive impact

on the world. We hope to connect with these communities to help us squash bullying and create a raving fan culture around da Hamstas.”

“The roadmap for Hamsta World’s NFT collection has several exciting projects in development, including a partnership with Interloop to build a ‘Hamsta World’ metaverse,” says

Tyler Culbertson, director, “Hamsta World” NFT initiative. “This branded digital experience is built with Unreal Engine 5.0. We are gamifying ‘Hamsta World’ NFTs within a virtual world and making the experience exclusive to our token collectors. Our inspiration came from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the creators’ VIP experiences curated specifically for BAYC token holders. We believe this ‘white glove’ strategy to focus on personalized experiences for NFT communities is key to the project’s long-term success.”

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